Cubot–More Than Just A Cell Phone

It is well-known in Western European market as high-performance smartphone manufacturer, Cubot, only by the release of Cubot One and Cubot X6 has enjoyed more than 2000 units sold within short period. Naturally, modern cell phone with superb excellence can capture people’s attention and interest, however, its essence makes it upscaled.
Cubot One 4.7-inch MTK6589T 1.5GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Basically, most of smartphones we get well-familiar with like iPhone 4, Samsung S3 are equipped with four-core processor, so what makes Cubot One so competitive among those cell phones with upscaled has its own reason. Comprehensiveness is the key to its success. Apart from gorgeous display touch screen, stable and mature processor, plenty of gadgets and applications is important. Cubot One has enhanced the version of all gadgets, offering numerous assistance when necessary, making itself as guidance when you are in trouble, sharing the most beautiful and valuable moments, playing a role as the best partner whenever and wherever possible. As an old saying says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, you will never walk along owning to the accompany of Cubot One all the way.

If the above one is a friend in daily life, Cubot X6 is the door towards higher level. All of X6’s enjoyment comes from revolutional configuration. Covered with ultra large display panel which beyond the visual limits screen resolution, needless to declare how fascinating the experience is. Moreover, under the beautiful appearance is the explosive force that powered by world’s first eight-core processor, seeing is believing, you will enjoy its smoothness and fluence no matter processing any application or heavy assignments. More over, most functionalities of CUBOT X6 5-inch MTK6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz SmartphoneCubot X6 has been developed as the latest generation in this business line that provide utmost convenience and assistance. Such an outstanding smartphone can always meet the aspiration of people who fancy modern living.

In the view of a smartphone, no one can deny its excellence in all aspects, giving consumers an unforgettable experience everyday. Meanwhile, their essence of chasing extremely assistance and incredible experience makes themselves upscaled all the time.

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