The Creation of Modern Society–iOcean X7S

As time went by, technology is the one alter from day to day, under rapid changing society, naturally the demand for better smartphone with latest technology and completed performance is soaring increasingly. The only solution is publish and launch more and more cell phone that satisfy consumer’s desire constantly. As now iOcean X7S has joined the fierce competition.

In order to pursuit the main stream of modern society, iOcean X7S is using the latest retina technology with 5-inch display panel. Added to high resolution up to 1920*1080 pixels, you will find out the tremendous performance with playing games. Besides, thanks to the innovative clear motion technology, which has double the frame rate of online video, giving users a broader perspective and vivid display effect. You will definitely find it joyful anytime. What’s more, combined to ultra slim western design and fuselage, giving you the best appearance with touchable holding.

Apart from the lovely outward, its explosive force underneath is essential. iOcean X7S equipped with 1.7GHz Octa-core high performance processor, which is probably the best configuration you can discovery concurrently. Under the superb MT6592 platform, any large applications or plenty of heavy assignment can be processed extremely easily. You can easily access to information from Internet, glancing photos or playing games at the same time. Moreover, eight cores processor is not just fast simply, it is smart as well. When under light loads circumstance, you can swith off the core in order to prevent high consumption, overheating happening, on the contrary, when handling large applicatiOcean X7S 5.0 Inch 2GB RAM MT6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz Smartphoneions, all eight cores will achieve peak performance, a faster, stronger processing will be presented.

In addition, iOcean X7S has adopted several strengthen functions, 5.0+12.0MP camera combination, various formats recognition, OTG, GPS among many others which can provide assistance and convenience when necessary. It is such a considerable design that matches the requirement of modern people.

Overall, disputably iOcean X7S is not the ultimate smartphone under rapid changing era, however, it is definitely the latest smartphone with prominent design and configuration that will attract your eye in all ways.

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