What Creates A Safe Protective Case?

Do you know anything about the material of your protective case? Have you noticed the importance of choosing an environmental, hazardousness, good-quality protective case? Or you just simple buying the smartphone by its colorful exterior? Nevertheless, now that the protective case is being with you all day, it is crucial to know more about whether it is safe enough or not.
Flip PU Leather Protective Case For JIAYU G2F
Commonly find in the market, PU leather, as a cheap and widely-used material, are now using as the ingredient to our smartphone protective case, like JIAYU G2F Leather Case. Covered with all-around PU leather, which is soft and durable, providing users a comfortable operation and holding feeling. Thanks to the PU leather, a shiny, colorful appearance and various patterns can be customized on its surface easily, demonstrate the entire protective case more beautiful. More importantly, it is stable, durable without changing its chemical property even under extremely environment like sunbrunt, cold and moisture. With such a stable attribution and decent quality, you can easily take it along wherever you go, keeps your device safely at anytime.

In contrast, another stuff that commonly used in our daily life can also be the material making cell phone case, it is silicone. JIAYU F1 Case is the one being constructed by silicone, which is a toxic tasteless element that perform extremely stably under all circumstance, as well as hazardousness for people’s health. It barely making chemical reaction with any other stuffs, that means you can clean it up freely. In addition, its performance under heat situation is outstanding, even exposing your device under strong sunshine for long time is questionless. Moreover, its hardness can proviOriginal Clear Silicone Case For JIAYU F1de adequate protection against accidental damages effectively. What a superb protective it is.

Taken as a whole, although JIAYU G2F Leather Case and JIAYU F1 Case are not equipped with attractive outward and outstanding functionality, indeed, it is the safest protective case, which you can rest-assured yourself to carry it on anywhere at anytime.

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