Confirmed! UMI eMAX Has Arrived In Stock

Finally! After half of a month waiting, the highly-anticipated UMI eMAX Smartphone is now arriving in stock here, declared by Banggood officially!
Earlier this morning, I woke up by a news that Banggood is reporting their first batch of UMI eMAX cell phone. Though we still have no further info about specific quantity, but it appears that those orders during presale activity will be shipped out very soon while regular sales will be commenced immediately.
UMI eMAX Price
Likewise, Banggood has confirmed a retail price at $169.99 USD, literally the same as original cost. Of course, it is a little bit higher than flash deals or presales, which is restricted by quantity and validity, but the phone lady from Banggood said there will be more sales campaigns coming soon at weekends or holidays.
UMI eMAX Specs
Though 15 days waiting is miserable for people who ordered eMAX, but it should be a worthy waiting as it comes with exactly the same specs like 64-bit 6752 Octa-core, 2GB RAM, 5.5-inch 1080P screen, 441PPI, 3780mAh battery, 13MP prime camera, etc.

Meanwhile, it even integrated UMI eMAX Smartphone with 4G FDD-LTE, which isn’t a world band mode though. Besides, it is been said that UMI is working on OTA updates, specifically, Android 5.0 Lollipop, hopefully we can make use of true Lollipop soon.
We all know that 64-bit MTK6752 can easily breach 40000 AnTuTu points, but we will figure out as we are working on more tests and first-hand reviews at this moment.

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