A Comprehensive Review Of M-horse Pure 2

M-horse, the new brand that is taking the smartphone market of 2018 by storm, is making headlines with its new and affordable releases. It’s M-Horse Pure 1 that was released in 2017 bedazzled buyers with its beautiful and sleek design. After releasing Pure 1, buyers were anticipating the next move by M-Horse. This year, not long after the initial release of Pure 1, M-Horse launched the M-horse Pure 2, now available too in black or blue.

 M-horse Pure 2

The Camera Is Exceptional

With the whopping 16 MP and 2 MP Dual Rear cameras by Sony, your photographs will look vibrant and professional. While one lens captures the picture, the other recognizes colors and luminance. Selfies will also look amazing with its 13 MP front camera that automatically focuses on faces, whether alone or in a group. It even has various beauty modes that can whiten your skin, remove spots and imperfections, and enlarge your eyes to optimize your perfect selfie. Even in the night-time, its dual-LED flash will have you covered so there is really no limit to when you can take those glorious photos.

 M-horse Pure 2

Rear Touch ID

The M-horse Pure 2 also has a rear touch ID that allows you to easily unlock your phone. It is small and well incorporated into the stable shell. If you want to make it even easier to unlock your phone, you can use the very effective Face Unlock function.

 M-horse Pure 2

Great performance for games

If you are a gamer, this is the perfect smartphone for you. With its Octa-core processor and crisp 1440 x 720 pixels touchscreen, your gaming experience could not be any better. Also, having 64 GB of ROM and 4 GB of RAM, you will have more space for all of your favorite games that are available on the Google Play Store.

 M-horse Pure 2

It supports an external MicroSD

With this function, you can optimize your storage with up to 256 GB. Different to competitors, this addition is vital for any working environment or even for family usage. You will not have to delete photographs anymore to make space for a new update.

 M-horse Pure 2

Amazing Battery Life

The battery life of M-horse Pure 2 is absolutely amazing. Its tested 3600 mAh reliable battery gives you a whole day without having to worry about recharging. Charging it is also amazing. Built with a USB Type C, meaning that both ends of the cable are the same, allows for a faster and more powerful charge.

 M-horse Pure 2


This overall practical and beautifully designed smartphone is one of the top products on the market. For anyone who just wants a versatile and highly functional smartphone, the M-horse Pure 2 can provide for all possible needs. And with all the above exceptional features, it is important to note that the phone is available now for about $150.

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