Comparing different versions of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone – part 2


Xiaomi redmi note 4 is a smartphone that is strongly asked by our readers for a full review for the whole series. That’s why we have talked so much about this smartphone.

xiaomi redmi note 4x 64gb

The xiaomi redmi note 4x

The xiaomi note 4x 4GB has the most beautiful, elegant and special light blue in the world that you can’t find any other smartphones like this. It has almost all the above features and only differs in memory specification. You can still find it online but maybe one day this model will be not produced anymore. If you are lucky enough to find that it is in stock, grab it as soon as possible. Before purchasing, you should also pay attention that you are purchasing the xiaomi redmi note 4x 64gb or the 32gb.

xiaomi note 4 pro

The xiaomi redmi note 4 pro

Some smartphone users require more memory for the memory intensive applications like games on their phone and the xiaomi note 4 pro has been developed for these users with 64 GB ROM memory and 4 GB RAM memory. The xiaomi redmi note 4 pro has almost all other features similar to the basic version, however, because of the additional memory, the price of the smartphone is marginally higher than the basic version.

xiaomi redmi note 4 snapdragon

The xiaomi redmi note 4 global edition

The operating conditions for mobile phones vary worldwide, so Xiaomi has also released a global version of the Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Global Edition which has almost all the features of the basic Redmi note 4 described above. The main difference in the xiaomi redmi note 4 snapdragon global edition is that it has a Cortex A-53 2GHz CPU, and there are some minor differences in the design like the position of the fingerprint sensor, video formats supported. This global high-class one ensure that you can enjoy this smartphone no matter which country are you in.


Various accessories to choose

To protect the xiaomi redmi note 4 smartphone, a wide variety of smartphone accessories like phone cases and screen protector are available online. The phone cases ensure that the expensive smartphone is not damaged when kept on uneven surfaces handled roughly. The screen protectors with matte, frosted shield and other finishes protect the screen from scratches while in use. So all these features, accessories make the xiaomi note 4 smartphone a very good deal for smartphone buyers.


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