CKCOM Smartphone, A True Enjoyable Novelty

Over the past few years when modern smartphone started booming, more Chinese manufacturers are devoted themselves launching a virtual smartphone which can be integrated to real life, making operation even convenient. Now, CKCOM achieved it successfully with the emerge of CKCOM K2 and CKCOM K3.
CKCOM K2 4.7-inch 1GB RAM MTK6582M Quad-core 1.3GHz Smartphone
It is time to discard your stereotype and prejudice towards all Chinese smartphones, on that occasion you saw CKCOM K2 Smartphone, you can embrace a dissimilar feeling. Naturally an ultra slim fuselage with succinct western design is bold enough to capture your attention. Simply just pick it up gently, an extreme light 132 grams touch sensation will be expressed from fingers to the brain directly, compel yourself making a compliment “what a gorgeous masterpiece!”. Exactly as this super light weight and golden ratio 5 inch screen has ensured burden-less convenience for carry out and operate, which is what we need the most.

Besides, as we all acknowledge that a true enjoyable user experience can not be separated with innovation and creativity, indeed, CKCOM K3 Smartphone did it the best. What is a true effortless operation? A true effortless operation embodies on air gesture function, freely can you pick up a call, reject a call, mute the call by true hands-free gesture. Besides, it is surprisingly easy to initiate the application you desire for by hand-painting a simple pattern on the screen. Besides, consumers will love to take a fully advantage of built-in OTG function, which coordinate with any external accessories like keyboard, game joystick, mouse, etc.
CKCOM K3 5-inch MTK6582A 1.3Ghz Quad-core OTG Smartphone
In addition, as a vital part consist of enjoyable and convenient utilization, how can an appropriate camera not be attached on CKCOM K2 and CKCOM K3? As a matter of fact, no other than high configuration camera with auto focus can we enjoy more photographing liberally, not to mention capture true aesthetic and scenery as we wish. Is it what we chase for all the time?
Overall, surely the above are just a sand of desert, more revolution outside and evolution inside can be discovered only by personal experience. You deserve this share of enjoyment.

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