Choose Elephone, Choose Better Living

There is no doubt that smartphone plays an important part in our daily life, some survey even stated that the figure of people using cell phone everyday is up to 3.5-6 hours. As a dispensable part of life, it is crucial to choose an intelligent, fast processing speed smartphone. Today, Elephone offer you two more options, Elephone P7 and Elephone P7 mini.
Elephone P7 Blade 5.5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Let’s take a look at Elephone P7 first. Apparently, the ultra large 5.5-inch screen attracts your eye most. Elephone P7 adopted the MEGA original IPS OGS screen with a resolution of 960*540 pixels, as well as 16KK colors. Hence, the display effect is as vivid as real, besides, the screen is flicker and radiationless, it will not be harm for eyes even reading for long time. On the other hand, equipped with 1.3GHz CPU, Quad-core, the reacting speed and processing efficiency is as good as those famous brands. Owning to the decent MTK6582 platform, plenty of applications can be worked at the same time, which provided user convenience and pleasure. In addition, with a large 8GB ROM, numberous of documents can be stored very well and also save an extra memory card for consumers.

On the contrary, Elephone P7 Mini is well-performed in practicability. In the aspect of appearance, Elephone P7 Mini uses a smaller 5 inch touch screen in stead, it is more easier to operating in one hand rather than two, which is good for people with small hand. You don’t have to worry about the cell phone too large to put into a pocket. Besides, it has inherited P7’s 1.3GHz process, maintain the speed and efficieElephone P7 Mini 5 Inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphonency in top class. More importantly, it has enhanced the stabilizability that enable to run more assignments more smoother and stabler. By the way, it has built-in more terms and functions like GPS+AGPS, OTG that helps your life more conveniently. Mind you, $50 discount will be available if you order right now.

Generally speaking, Elephone P7 and Elephone P7 Mini is decent and cost-effective but still a long way to go to achieve its aim–provide user a better living. Nevertheless, with those innovative configuration and helpful function, Elephone will have a prospective future surely.

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