Charging anywhere anytime with Wireless Charger Accept

Actually,I haven’t use this wireless charger accept even not know about it.I heard from my friends and they told me its advantage not long ago. Recently,I have seen its information and know more about it.It is a convenient thing for phone users to carry and charge,I think.

Qi is a brand of wireless charger accept receiver with a good quality.It focus on the practicality and worth to select with the favorable.If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or I9500, you can buy the I9500 Wireless Charger Accept.You can charge your phone at anywhere anytime by it.Simply lay your devices on the charging base and charging begins.Charging is very easy that you needn’t plug and unplug your phones charging cable.The built-in magnetic position system of the base will guide the device into perfect position for optimal charging. More convenient way with safety to charge will be famous for the people who can charge your phone directly on the outlet of house.It has the size of only 61.5*49.3mm, you can carry it easy to go out for work, business or travel.

The other one is Note2 Wireless Charger Accept. With the same function and configuration,the difference of them is the suitable mobile phone model. This one is suitable for the people who has Samsung Galaxy Note II or N7100.Galaxy Note II are fast to consump the electricity with its large screen.It is necessary that possess a easily-carry wireless charger accept.
Qi Wireless Charger Accept Receiver For Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
Charging the Samsung smart phone will be simple and convenient that just pick out and buy a wireless charger accept receiver.According to the model of your phone, you can choose the receiver which is suitable for your phone.I also want to buy one, but the model of my phone can’t use this products. What a pity.

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