How To Charge Your Samsung Note 4 In A Diverse Way?

Definitely you are one-sided if you deem that your lovely smartphone can be charged by original cable charger only, as a matter of fact, charging can be more convenient and diverse with special chargers below.
External Battery Dock Cradle Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N9100
Perhaps you don’t feel it too much strange, in fact, it was popular when we were still in an era of keyboard cell phone, as you may know already, what am I talking about is Note 4 Cradle Charger. Sounds primitive and slightly out of date, however, for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is assembled with detachable battery, I reckon it is worthy without all questions.

If you don’t take a fancy to massive and extremely heavy portable power bank wherever you go, probably you will need an original replacement battery, under this circumstance, its exclusive cradle charger is quite practical and helpful. It not just save endless time on charging as you can charge it liberally when you sleep. In addition, it is the only method to settle battery shortage problem instantly, which is unsurpassed whatsoever. Come with rigorous process and elaborated flip design, scarcely do you have to be haunted with safety or radiation when charging.
Data Sync Battery Charger Dock With OTG For Samsung Galaxy Note 4
On the contrary, maybe you may reckon install or remove the battery every day too complicated, then you can have a try on Note 4 Charger Dock. Similar to traditional cable charger, simply just connect the dock to any power source via USB port and plug in your smartphone on the tray, it charge automatically. Besides, accompany with vertical charger holder, which is an optimum reading angle naturally, you still can read a book or see a movie simultaneously.

Mind you, such a smart charger dock will even enable data synchronization and OTG function as well, in other words, it is extremely easy to access to your personal computer, printer, digital camera and complete data interchange conveniently.

In short, who said charging can be done with original charger only? I doubt it.

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