Can’t Be More Affordable! No.1 G2 Watch Phone For $69.99

Can’t wait for the Apple Watch? Can’t afford the honorable MOTO 360? Take it easy, as you now have the third option– discounted NO.1 G2 Bluetooth Smart Watch, at $69.99 retail price only!
NO.1 G2
Earlier this week, I was told that Banggood is releasing a new round of sales campaign for NO.1 G2 Smart Watch Phone, along with stunning discount up to 40% off, in other words, NO.1 G2 costs just $69.99 now, which is competitive in contrast to other android watch phone in identical range.
NO.1 G2
Moreover, phone lady from Banggood declared that aforementioned NO.1 G2 will last for a couple of days around the corner and more importantly, without quantity limit, so, you have plenty of time to glance through every single review or purchase experience before making a purchase.

If you pay highly attention to NO.1 G2 Watch Phone, surely you’ve been noticed its skyrocket sales condition these days, suddenly increased from one hundred and something to massive 527 pieces now. Likewise, that’s the reason why BG is contacting all the manufacturers for more material supply to deal with the coming purchase boom.
NO.1 G2
Why people are crazy about NO.1 G2 Watch Phone? Of course, super affordable retail price is one aspect, on the other hand, it just can’t be separated with gorgeous design, replaceable strap and multiple functions.

Hands-free phone call, sleep monitor, data sync, pedometer, waterproof capacity, heart rate, remote camera, sedentary reminder and an aesthetic outlook will come with the watch phone.
NO.1 G2
Nevertheless, it is been said that Banggood will soon launching another sales campaign for its self-developed watch phone “BlitzWolf” GV18 pro, though we have no further info right now.

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