What Can We Expect From The Huawei P20

The competition in the mobile phone market is getting more and more intense every year. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and in every 6 months, we see new features being rolled in with the flagship offerings of different brands. Today, we’re here to see a stellar offering from a company that has a massive workforce of over 75,000 researchers working to bring new technology into our hands – the Huawei P20.

Fun fact: The P20 & P20 Pro have been so widely in demand that within the first 10 seconds of sales opening up, over $ 15M worth of phones were sold.

Huawei P20

But what makes the phone so coveted? Lets find out!

  1. A mighty impressive camera setup:

The Huawei P20 sports a 24 MP sensor at the frontline, and at its back is a dual-arrangement of 12 MP telephoto sensor at f/1.8 and 20 MP monochrome sensor at f/1.6. These sensors from Leica combined with the intelligent AI, deliver impressive photos with depth & texture, even in the low-light. The AI also lends to better image stabilization – delivering crisp & awe-inspiring photos.

Huawei P20

  1. Power-packed:

The humongous 128 GB of internal storage ensures that you would rarely need to dump your media onto the computer to make more space. The P20 boasts a modest 4 GB of RAM & a Kirin 970 CPU – making multi-tasking (gaming included) a walk in the park.

Huawei P20

  1. Futuristic security:

The bottom of the screen sports the capacitive Home button, which doubles up as the fingerprint sensor. To up the game (and add some flair, of course), Huawei also included the Facial recognition suite into the phone. The notch at the top of the 5.8-inch Full-HD screen houses the unit that lets you unlock your phone just by looking right at it!

Huawei P20

  1. Beautiful yet sturdy:

The Huawei P20 looks pretty sleek, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s fragile. The screen sports a Gorilla Glass (standard in all the high-end phones today), and the body is crafted from aluminum. The phone comes out unscathed from most situations life puts an average mobile user through.

Huawei P20

  1. Fast-charging:

These days, almost every phone manufacturer is working to integrate fast charging technology into their devices. Huawei hits the right note by included a USB-C type port at the bottom. With fast charging, you can quickly juice up the 3600 mAh battery that’ll last the entire day.



While the Huawei P20 doesn’t take the flagship spot in the P20 line-up, it has all the makings of one. It takes on the contenders from other manufacturers head on, and a price-tag of €649 helps it gain the upper hand! The sweet pricing & the premium features make it a steal.

The question is: when are you getting yours?

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