Can Cubot Confront Apple?

Regardless of popularity, comprehensiveness, as an emerging star in domestic market, Cubot can not surpass Apple as the leader in western European market concurrently whatsoever. However, personally speaking, I don’t deny the creation of Cubot is as excellent as those famous smartphone manufacturer world widely, Cubot One and Cubot X6 are two best smartphones. Cubot One 4.7-inch MTK6589T 1.5GHz Quad-core Smartphone

Being sold more than 1500 units, came with pure black and white main color that express elegance, Cubot One has enjoyed great reputation on either performance and outlook. Adopting proper 4.7-inch IPS touch screen, offering users the most appropriate reading environment and operation, even controlling the smartphone by one hand is easy. Moreover, thanks to built-in multiple gadgets like professional camera, convenient GPS navigation, multiple formats recognition, adding more amusement as well as assistance when necessary. Gradually Cubot One has became the most popular cell phone among international market.

As for new users, perhaps you don’t have good cognition about the configuration, however, by comparison you can tell how good Cubot X6 is. It still use 5-inch OGS display screen as usual, adding 1280*720 pixels resolution, providing a broader perspective and real display effect, are you satisfied with this configuration? Moreover, equipped with Octa-core proCUBOT X6 5-inch MTK6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz Smartphonecess that enable plenty of applications and heavy assignment working simultaneously. It is such a clever processor indeed. Furthermore, combined to 5.0MP+13.0MP camera, you can recorded any precious moments freely. Built-in ultra large screen, sophisticated processor and decent camera, how can you not put Cubot X6 into foremost consideration?

Through the above figures we can tell the reason why Cubot is still the best-selling smartphone, plenty aspects of their smartphone are placing in leading position, hence, they are the most potential manufacturer confronting Apple.

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