Buy The Right One Only, Not Most Expensive

There is a platitude “Buy the most appropriate rather than buy the most expensive” throughout middle end smartphone market, which express consumer’s willing and intention thoroughly before making a purchase. By people’s reflects and feedback will you know which one with highest cost performance. DOOGEE DG300 and DOOGEE DG310 are the representative, but how suitable they are for consumers?
DOOGEE Voyager DG300 5-inch MTK6572 1.3GHz Dual-core Smartphone
For students. When September comes, new semester comes subsequently, to prepare for a new phase of studying, DOOGEE DG300 can be a best learning partner all the time. No other than superb cost performance is attractive for parents while tremendous comprehensiveness is practical for students. Just about gold ratio 5-inch screen with decent resolution, has guaranteed legible display effect with radiationless reading environment even reading in depth. Besides, at the moment when tricky question bothering you, liberal and smooth network surfing can offer you utmost assistance as you wish, it is never too exaggerated to call it “intelligent tutor”.
DOOGEE Voyager 2 DG310 5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
For youth. As a young with less economic base, as a new generation who eager to embrace modern smartphone enjoyment but with less budget, seems that DOOGEE DG310 is a unique option, why is it a unique choice? You will be stunned by its higher cost performance. More or less, such a bargain price less than 90USD is attractive and competitive in the market at present. More importantly, its explosive performance will make you convinced even more. Modern exquisite screen with first class displaying and immersive atmosphere will meet their demand for better enjoyment fully. Furthermore, a powerful ability on processing applications and heavy assignment without barricade is what young generation chase all the time. Needless to over-explain how comprehensive other terms and conditions is, disputably DG310 can not be a better choice any more.

Taken as a whole, if you are tired of making comparison between smartphones, or get numbed with those tiny discrepancies, remind yourself to choose the most appropriate one. Now, I think you have the answer already.

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