Breaking! Xiaomi Sales Promotion Is Coming Next Week

Just a few seconds ago, I was told that Xiaomi is announcing an upcoming sales campaign next Monday, discounted products includes Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker, Youth earphone and Reddot Design earphone.
 Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker
The banner you can see above looks pretty dazzling and conspicuous with the slogan “Your music. Make it vibrant”, it is not hard to tell that it is a themed sales promotion that designed to cater to this hot summer.

Meanwhile, as the banner declares, such a “musical” sales campaign is going to last for only three days, from 13th to 15th, July, only people fast enough is able to grab these big deals home. Of course, surely we all are interested about its content, here is the list:
Xiaomi Piston 3 Youth Earphone
1. Xiaomi Piston 3 Youth Earphone
Top choice of young generation, with premium sound optimization and gen 3 damping system, humanized earpad and Kevlar fabric cable.
Xiaomi Piston 3 Reddot Earphone
2. Xiaomi Piston 3 Reddot Earphone
Winner of Reddot Prize, it comes with patented “sandwich” audio structure, metal composite diaphragm, solid reinforced material and ergonomic earpad design.
Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker
3. Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker
It genuinely is an elegant Bluetooth speaker with ABS and aluminum alloy fuselage, succinct design with austere coating, giving 10 hours standby time.

Of course, although retail price has now been unveiled, however, we will confirm it again next Monday with Product Manager of Smartphone business from BG. More details and information will be updated next week, keep your eyes open!

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