Breaking! First Batch Of Elephone P7000 Is Arrived

Big news from Banggood on this Friday morning! The first batch of Elephone P7000 Pioneer Smartphone has arrived, totally 20 units!
Elephone P7000 Pioneer
Surely it will be a thrilled message for people who are interested in this powerful monster so long! Meanwhile, you now can make a purchase right away as it is open for sale officially rather than sharing to those preorders, declared by Banggood.
As you had kwon the Elephone P7000 Specs,Now ,I just repeat  it to you .Although first batch of Elephone P7000 3GB appears to be inadequate, however, we received confirmation from phone lady that more material supply are arriving in stock around the corner.
Elephone P7000 Pioneer
More importantly, in order to make delivery as soon as possible, every single unit of this batch will be shipped out immediately in one business day, which is 3-5 days faster than standard shipment here.

On the other hand, regarding to retail price, don’t you believe that it is still available at exactly the same $229.99 retail price even though it is in short supply soon? Yes, quantity never is an influence of final price, at least not for Elephone P7000 4G.
Elephone P7000 Pioneer
So far, a couple of hours has gone and we have no update or info about remaining inventory, hopefully it will be available there when you see this breaking news.

Elephone P7000 is well-known as a premium Chinese smartphone which integrated with 64-bit Octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, fingerprint identification, 4G-LTE, 5.5-inch 1080P screen, 13MP SONY IMX214 camera and 3450mAh battery.Elephone P7000 Pioneer

Next, i will write a post about Elephone P7000 Review,if you want to buy,please follow closely our blog.Because you maybe find Elephone P7000 Flash Sale or coupons from here, i will teach you how to save your money

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