Bluedio T5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone: The stylish budget Headphone

The Bluedio T5 is a relatively inexpensive over-the-ear style headphone, so I was very surprised that it included active noise cancellation features.
The Bluedio T5 belongs to a series of headphones from Bluedio. The “5” in the “T5” here refers to it being the 5th generation of Bluedio’s Turbine headphones.
I was very impressed with how well the Bluedio T5 is built, particularly considering its price point. Its metal frame is very sturdy and strong. The ear-cups can both swivel and articulate. They can also be extended along the head band at 10 precisely marked positions.

Bluedio T5

The design
The headband, hinges and other connections are built with solid metal construction except for the cups which are made of plastic. This metallic construction makes it more premium and stronger than what the price suggests.
Just like every other model of the Bluedio turbine headphones, Bluedio T5 comes with a huge 58mm dynamic driver.
A pair of rotating ear cup is comfortable to wear with anti-ear pad design. It is convenient to take the headphones outsides with pads flat in your bag, suitcase, trunk, and so on. T5 continues T4’s rotational structure design and CD pattern mirror treatment, and is more sophisticated in color matching. The earmuffs are detachable, you can easily remove and reinstall the earmuffs.

Sound quality
The sound is much clearer than the sound of the T4S, which is more focused on lower sounds and bass. So, unless you are only listening to hip-hop or R&B the T5 is a better option than the T4S. For Pop, Rock, Dance, Soul, Jazz and everything in between the T5 is a better option. The bad news: the sound quality becomes less when you switch on the Active noise canceling. At that moment, the low tones are reduced and the music becomes shallow. The noise canceling function itself performs better than on the T4S (so noise is better canceled out). The call quality is also good and can be compared to the quality of the T4S.

Battery life
The specified battery life of 25 hours is a good estimate of the actual battery life.
Bluetooth connectivity
An upgraded version of the modern Bluetooth, the Bluedio headsets comes with the 4.2 version of Bluetooth improving the audio quality and connections. This version helps to reduce Bluetooth consumption rate.

Active noise canceling
The Bluedio T5 has a two mode features, the pure mode, and the normal mode: the pure mode is set to remove background noises.

Battery Backup
Very Comfortable
Effective Active Noise Cancellation Mode
Solid Metal Construction
Cables are Detachable
Fast Charge

Lacks body and bass when the active noise cancellation mode is on
It’s a little bit heavy because of the metal construction

The Bluedio T5 is powerful headphone that gives you the sound quality you desire. is a store where you can purchase one of this gadget.

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