Why Bluedio H Plus is just the perfect headset for you

Over 80 percent of youth own some forms of audio devices ranging from powerful hi-fi systems to headphones for that awesome listening experience. With developments in sound technology, better and clearer headphones are being manufactured every day. Bluedio has been on the forefront of these productions. Perhaps Bluedio’s greatest advantage is quality and affordability. Having manufactured exemplary headphones, the company has managed to become an icon in the field. Among the best productions, including the Koss TBSE1, Sennheiser PX100 and PX100 ii. Although all of these are great pieces, their latest release, the bluedio h plus, is a force to be reckoned with.

bluedio h plus

Bluedio h plus – this piece from Bluedio has the potential to put the company right at the top of its category. It is a compilation of all the best features of its predecessor in one package:


The Bluedio h plus is unbelievably light with soft pleather that does not heat your ears up. It has a comfortable headband cushion and a thin cloth covering the drivers. The pleather is designed to form a perfect seal around your ears for high-quality sound and noise cancelation purposes.

bluedio h plus


The headphones are equipped with standard 3.5 jack port to use as regular headphones. This is in the event the user does not want to use the Bluetooth pairing feature for wireless audio. An in-built microphone comes in handy for hands-free calls. A creative music-sharing feature that allows users to connect to other similar headphones is also available. This feature allows connected users to listen to what they are listening to by simply connecting to their HT’s headphone jack.



Bass is the ultimate test for any headset and the Bluedio h plus more than excels in this. They have a lot of basses, making them ideal for virtually all types of music ranging from rap, rock, and even soul. This may, however, become a challenge for people who typically need to hear mids and highs, as they may not be as clear as expected.



These are arguably designer level headphones. Features installed on them are by far worth a higher price than what they Bluedio goes for. With great audio quality and power, these headphones are perfect for practically any music lover. The Bluetooth feature makes them handy for use with mobile devices and laptops conveniently. With great audio output power, listening on high volumes may actually break your skull. No, not really, but you get the point. If you are looking for bass headphones, then Bluedio h plus is definitely the way to go.


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