Bluedio, the best studio headphones

Quality headphones have always been a requirement in a lot of businesses, from call centers all the way to the music industry, why is this? Well, the quality sound has been demonstrated to enhance every aspect of the human lives. Bluedio is a new professional headphone brand that offers all kinds of high-quality and affordable headphones and earphones. Their incredible components allow them to display a perfectly clear sound without any echo or noise as well as a powerful bass.


Bluedio hurricane turbine headphones are the brand’s flagship headphones; they feature a built-in microphone to make it more convenient and elegant in design, as well as a micro SD slot and radio FM all in one single pair of headphones. They also feature an incredibly powerful bass thanks to its 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers and, even though the bass is powerful, bluedio hurricane turbine is capable of displaying very clear and transparent mids and treble, allowing you to listen to the recordings the way you are supposed to.

bluedio turbine headphones

Another feature

The bluedio turbine headphones have Bluetooth 4.1, this allows for a wireless connection to almost any music device on the market right now, you pair this with its amazing battery and you can listen to 40 continuous hours of music. The custom and extremely soft earmuffs will ensure that you have the ultimate comfort while listening to your favorite music; it will be as if clouds are resting on your ears.

bluedio turbine headphones

The bluedio turbine headphones are also customizable and allow the user to share music with their friends by using an audio cable. You and your friends will be able to listen to the same music without having to play it from a speaker which might bother the people around. You will also be able to listen to music from three different sources with the same Bluedio Hurricane; you will be able to listen to music from the radio, from an SD card or from a device connected via Bluetooth


Most of the people that use bluedio turbine are happy with the product. The convenience they imply and the extremely transparent and clear sound allow the user to experience an incredible device. Most of the time this kind of product would be extremely expensive, but Bluedio has made it possible to have a high-quality product at an affordable price. If you need to go running or don’t like big headphones, Bluedio also offers high-quality earphones, very useful if you need to workout or spend a lot of time outside. Although if you wish to hear what people around you are saying you should not use these because the noise cancellation on Bluedio Hurricane Turbine is incredibly effective!

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