Bluedio AI Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear headset review

A good pair of in-ear headset is a must for everybody. Activities ranging from Cardio exercising, listening audiobooks, watching media on your devices and talking to people on your phone can make effective use of a good pair of headset. Your choice of headset depends on your usage, but it is a good practice to make sure the choice of your headset can accommodate a wide range of activities than just be specific to one type. Bluedio is a rising brand with mid-range affordable earphones and headphones. The company’s focus is mainly on mid-range wireless earphone with features such as onboard storage. Although they have some premium range of products their brand image revolves around giving you the best features for your money.

bluedio ai

If you are looking for a Bluetooth powered wireless headset that provides clear and rich sound and not too heavy on your pocket, check out the new Bluedio AI Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headset. The bluedio ai headset is segmented keeping sports enthusiasts in mind. You won’t have to worry about bringing them to the gym since they are sweat proof. Most earphones fail when you use them while working out or under sweaty conditions. To experience the best sound from your headset, it needs to provide a good seal when you use them. Bluedio AI earphones certainly take care of that even after extended use.

bluedio ai

The headset is very portable and comes with a good quality case. The earphones feel light and the red color is surely an eye catchy. The earphones work on average for about three hours with a single charge which decent considering their size and the price. They connect instantly to the phone upon turning on which is uncommon for a mid-range headset. The Bluetooth range is also fairly good which is a standard for all the good quality earphones. When it came to sound quality, the headset delivered a deep and full bass. The sound does not overdo itself on high pitched notes. Unlike its competition, the headset can get loud if you need them to, which is a great benefit.

bluedio ai

Bluedio has been known to match the features with a great price with most of its products and Bluedio AI is not an exception. Your headset needs should be taken care of by a pair of Bluedio AI no matter where you might want to use. The rich and detailed sound without interference coupled with the portability and Bluetooth capability are good selling points for this headset.




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