BLUBOO X550 “Power Monster” Features Upgraded 13MP Camera

As it is known to all of us, Chinese “power monster” BLUBOO X550 Smartphone has already made itself stick out of the rest by enormous 5300mAh battery. Now, camera section should be part of its pride as Bluboo has just released the upgraded 13MP camera.


Undoubtedly, BLUBOO X550 for just $149.99 can’t be more affordable in this price range as it comes with genuine Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, PumpExpress Plus fast charging technology, 4G LTE and 5300mAh battery.

2MP front camera and 8MP BSI CMOS prime camera supposed to be part of configuration above if you’ve been read my article about BLUBOO X550 Specs, however, it never satisfy people’s need, for that reason, Bluboo has particularly replace it by 5MP front camera and 13MP prime camera, which is voted as people’s favorable configuration among mid-range smartphone.

Do not worry about price rise issue, which is completely unnecessary. BLUBOO X550 remains at just $149.99 despite of an upgraded camera combination, all basic specs above will be kept properly as well, presumably, this could be a giant leap in the aspect of user experience.


Of course, now that update has been released officially, first batch of BLUBOO X550 Smartphone with 13MP camera is just a matter of time, we will wait find out how it turns out. What do you think about it?

Taken as a whole, we are working on more updates and BLUBOO X550 Smartphone Review so far, any update or information will be posted here right away.

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