BlitzWolf’s BW-S2 Dual Port Charger Full Review – the most popular charger these days


Charge your phone faster, without worrying about overcharging, overheating or overloading your mobile device! Imagine charging up to 2.4 amps without the fear of risk or damaging the charging system of your mobile device. How amazing! This is exactly what the compact and lightweight BlitzWolf’s BW-S2 Dual Port Charger guarantees you upon purchase.


Product Description

For starters, the dual USB charger boasts super compatibility and the option to charge two of your mobile devices at a go.

dual USB charger

Built using

Power3S Technology, the charger can identify the individual charging settings of any mobile device, decrypt the language used, and in response calibrate accordingly for an accelerated charging. It does this by eliminating the limits placed on the charging speed, thus enabling your phone to charge two times faster than using a traditional charger.


Dual USB Charger

The charger can charge two mobile devices all at once at top speed. It does this without putting the device at any risk, thanks to the protection function that ensures your phone to be 100% safe from short-circuiting, overheating and over-voltage.


Perfect For Travels

The BlitzWolf Dual Charger features a foldable plug that you can fit into your hand palm. It also flaunts a compact, lightweight design that makes it perfect for travels.


Compatible with Almost any Device you have

The charger can be used to charge any mobile device. From iPhones and Android devices include Samsung Galaxies and HTC phones to blue tooth speakers, MP3 players, USB powered devices and tablets; the charger has been tested and found to compatible with all.


Durable Structure

This Dual USB Charger is not among the chargers whose lifespan ends with them hitting the floor and breaking into pieces. Built using a thick plastic case that’s tough enough NOT to break no matter how hard it drops, the charger is also supported by internal reinforcements that also add to its exceptional resistance to shock and drop.


Covered By an 18 Months Warranty, just in case.

To cement it all, it comes covered with an 18-months manufacture warranty just in case it turns up with manufacturing related issues. During this period, you’re allowed to contact the friendly support and request for a replacement or full refund in the event that the charger ends up as faulty or NOT working.


Certified Safe

The charger has been tested and reviewed by CE & FCC, both of which found it to be 100% safe. You can, therefore, have a complete peace of mind every time you plug in your mobile device to charge.

dual USB charger

The Wrap-UP

Firstly, your phone can be charged two times faster than your traditional charger. Plus it’s made from premium-grade materials that make it NOT only reliable but tough as well. Lastly, it’s affordable. So what else would someone want for a mobile device charger?


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