BlitzWolf: The Story Behind the Brand

The world of tech is a tough business. With the industry being mostly ruled by giant companies that could squeeze out smaller competitions when they can, to be a small and upcoming brand makes for a difficult prospect from the beginning. We have seen many startups come and go after failing to survive the intense competition, a kind of uncertainty that is dissuading for the many others who wish to become a significant part of the industry. But then, like these big guys we call conglomerates or corporations or one simply big by itself as a single company name, at some point started out small, too. How they made it big is an altogether different story. What is important to note is that finding success is still possible even in an uncertain industry. It goes without saying that staying in the tech business is not without its own conundrum or odds that must be defined with.The story of BlitzWolf is one of such cases—a small company who aspires to become a significant part of an existing trend, willing to face all the challenges of an ever-changing industry.


The Birth of BlitzWolf

The early days of 2015 were very significant to the BlitzWolf brand as it was the time when a certain idea started to materialize and not just remain as is. The notion at the time was very simple—Why not make products that people just need? How about catering to what they want as well?

The idea was so feasible and compelling at the time, the endless passion of the people behind the brand pushed those very same people to innovate on things that are both meaningful and exciting, signature to the brand.

Bothered by the industry’s rapid-changing ways and the many company’s rather proprietary approach to technology, BlitzWolf took it as an opportunity to bridge a solution to a perceived problem by creating a product that encompasses the latest technology trends available at the time. The company did so initially by creating the Power3S, a double socket charger that allows the charging of two mobile devices simultaneously. Not long after that, the first 5-socket charger was also born.


Finding success in its own developed products, BlitzWolf is nowadays a fast-growing company whose range of products are now extended to both computing and robotics, essentially aiming for making things easier and more convenient to people, one of which by infusing “smart” elements in our devices.

Although still in the process of continued growth, BlitzWolf is proud of what it had achieved so far. With a strong presence in major e-Commerce platforms which provides access to numerous customers worldwide, BlitzWolf has managed to establish itself as a global brand.

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