BlitzWolf Power Bank: An Option for Fast and Efficient Charging!

Have you ever wondered about getting the best charging companion that will always give you a faster charging and efficiency required any time? You will love adding a power bank to your accessories to ensure that your smartphone is always in full power! You can be sure to boost your power any time with this amazing Blitzwolf power bank! It’s among the highly-rated power banks that will always ensure that you are online anytime without worries of losing power when you need them.

blitzwolf power bank

Features and the design

The Blitzwolf power bank possesses the number of stunning features including the dual USB ports. It will ensure that it offers you with the first charging that goes up to 3.0. The technology used is a Qualcomm QC 3.0 standard that ensures that it gives you a faster charging and you are assured to have your charging time shortened. It provides the voltage ranges between 3.6 to 12 volts. Charging speed will also be enhanced four times the normal charging. You will surely have the fastest charging ever.

blitzwolf power bank

The compatibility of this outstanding Blitzwolf power bank is also a factor that ranks it at the top! It’s compatible with all the Qualcomm versions which have a quick charge technology. The NT6008 charging chip allows for the fast charging and compatibility whether it’s a 1.0, 2.0 or even 3.0. The Blitzwolf power bank can also support the USB for non-quick charging devices. It has an automatic voltage adjustment that ensures you have a better control of the power consumption rate and also the heat produced. It can serve well with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone x, and even the Xiaomi Samsung!

blitzwolf power bank

The design is also another amazing factor that is very thrilling in this Blitzwolf power bank. It uses the LG Li-ion battery that has the best protective features against the overcharge, the overvoltage, overcurrent, and even the short-circuiting dangers! The charge is efficiency discharged with the desired efficiency!

With a QUALCOMM 3.0 quick charge certified efficient charging, you are assured to increase the charging efficiency by 38% and also the power consumption will be greatly reduced by a 45% range. The automatic power adjustments enable it to have the power systems under controlled to the desired voltages ranging from 12 volts and 3.6 volts. It’s the best technology that the Blitzwolf power bank possesses! That is what distinguishes it from other power banks.

blitzwolf power bank


With the NT6008 fast charging chip, the BW-P3 power bank can provide immense control over the management of the batter use and heat generation by automatically adjusting the voltage! Coming in a small size, it is portable and pocket-friendly for you to carry everywhere.blitzwolf power bank


The power bank does not come with the QC 3.0 technology for charging its personal battery. So although it can charge your gadgets in less than an hour, it has to spend up to 5 hours charging itself. And it doesn’t automatically detect that a device has been plugged in, so you have to make the effort of pressing the power button to charge your phone.

blitzwolf power bank

In conclusion, the Blitz wolf power bank from Banggood is a highly rated entity that has the best abilities and makes you’re charging experience the best, gets yourself one now, its affordable with amazing shipping specifications and also a warranty of 18 months! The Blitz wolf power bank, the best option for backup power!

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