BlitzWolf BW-M1 Multifunction USB Set Introduction

When we go outside to attend some activities, it is necessary for us to carry some of the practical tools. This time, what I would like to share you is about one outside functional product called BlitzWolf BW-M1. This one features multiple functions, including USB charging, USB LED light and USB Fan. Its prominent advantages are portable and convenient. Let me tell you some of its detailed information next.

BlitzWolf BW M1

Comparison With Xiaomi Products

If you pay attention to Xiaomi cellphones’ accessories, you should know that it launched the products of a portable USB mini fan and USB LED light before. Compared with these two Xiaomi products, BlitzWolf BW-M1 takes their advantages, which is used as the BlitzWolf USB fan and BlitzWolf USB LED light.

Additionally, it possesses a USB charging function. That means you can use this one to charge your power banks via connecting it with your laptops or computers. Very useful and convenient!

Moreover, it is cheaper than these two Xiaomi products. In other words, you just need to pay for the money of one product and you get the usages of two products.

BlitzWolf BW M1


In terms of its design, it is very compact and portable. Including cable, LED light and fan, it only has 37 grams net weight. This shows the thoughtful and considerate of the producer. Besides, it offers you three colors to select, blue, white and pink. Made from TPE material, it is environmentally friendly that it ensures safe to use.

BlitzWolf BW M1


When you use it, you can connect it with a power bank, laptop, PC, and other 5V USB power supply devices. It is suitable for various brands of power banks, such as Xiaomi, BltitzWolf, HUAWEI, Samsung, LG, SONY power banks, etc. As for me, I like to use it with the power banks, because it is convenient and handy when I go outside and go on outdoor activities.

BlitzWolf BW M1

BlitzWolf BW M1


The cable only supports charging and it does not support data sync.


To sum up, BlitzWolf BW-M1 is portable and convenient when you use it outside. It is light weight and it is easy to carry for you. Besides, it just needs a small amount of 5V power supply. The prominent feature should be its multiple functions, which include USB charging, LED light and fan. Most importantly, compared with Xiaomi products what I mentioned before, it costs you a cheaper price. If you like it, you could have a try! Hope you have a nice outdoor trip!

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