BlitzWolf BW ES1 Graphene Earphone, Amazing Sound Effect

In recent years, since developing ways to acquire graphene, it is considered as the most promising future of new materials by the researchers. “Graphene is an ideal building material for small, efficient, high-quality broad-band audio speakers,” researchers Qin Zhou and A. Zettl write in their report.

The researcher uses the the graphene material to make a earphone, which has brought astonishing experimental results( the following chart shows us the results). Compared to the famous brand Sennbeiser MX-400 earphone, it has more excellent performance without any tuning in the case, especially in the high frequency attenuation control. From the response test point of view, graphene diaphragm performances very smoothly in the treble 20Hz and bass 20KHz. Because of graphene material itself has superior conductivity, it can achieve excellent sound quality performance when precisely control the current intensity. Someone said that graphene may be the next revolution in headphones.

In ear Earphone

In this article, I wanna tell you something about the new BlitzWolf BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone. It is used the graphene sound unit, which brings us an amazing HiFi sound effect. In-ear type ensures comfortable wearing. Besides, selected the high-quality cable material, it will not be winded easily when you use it. By the way, it includes a velcro cable organizer for your conveniently organizer.

In ear Earphone

In terms of the functions, it makes advantages in two aspects. First, built-in a high-end microphone, it allows the high-clear talking with others. Also, you can use it to enjoy the wonderful music playback. Second, the wired control design makes you adjust the volume freely, also can play/pause the music.

In ear Earphone


Item name: BlitzWolf BW-ES1
Color: Black
Wearing type: In-ear
Cable length: 1.2m
Net weight: 15g
Rated power: 5mW
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Feature: Support microphone, wired control

If you are interested in this In ear Earphone, you can purchase it via Banggood website. Only $ 9.99 and you can get it!

In ear Earphone

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