Blackview Acme X3S New Plays, Capture The Moment When Touching Belly Button

Can you pass pass the belly button challenge? Recently, an interesting test to show how slim your body figure is has been spread out through Chinese social media, people posted their selfie to show whether they can touch belly button by reaching around their backs. And at this moment, surely you need the helping hand from a decent smartphone, for instance, Blackview Acme X3S.
Blackview Acme X3SBlackview Acme X3S
I can tell how tough these girls are keeping the same post that touch their belly button by reaching around their back and making selfie by holding a big and massive smartphone, but I reckon holding a smartphone with adjustable camera will be a bit easier to be fair.
Blackview Acme X3S
Blackview Acme X3S Smartphone gives its natural strength to accomplish belly button challenge. Exactly as 18MP prime camera with true flash LED, you can experience wider angle and better camera shooting condition to capture this interesting moment. See the horrible selfie below and you will realize how important a sublime camera is.
Blackview Acme X3S
Secondly, adjustable camera works! It will be way more effort-less and comfortable to adjust the best selfie angle first before attempting to the challenge, so that you seldom have to keep this awkward post so long until making a selfie successfully. Believe it or not, it is helpful for people who just able to pass this test.
Blackview Acme X3S
Accompany with Blackview Acme X3S Smartphone, the one with distinctive single camera, will you find it easier to give it a go? BTW, can you pass the belly button challenge?

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