BG’s Top 5 Big Battery Smartphone In 2015

Surely you are impressed by the new launch Vkworld Vk6050 Smartphone with unprecedented 6050mAh battery capacity, how can it do that? In fact, there are many “power monster” with amazing battery figure among the market, let’s list out top 5 big battery smartphone so far in 2015.
Vkworld Vk6050 Smartphone
Number 5: Mlais MX, 4300mAh
In today’s standard, 4300mAh battery for a 5-inch screen is extravagant. It comes with 64-bit MTK6735, Android 5.1 Lollipop, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, 5-inch 720P screen, 8MP Sony IMX219 rear camera.

Number 4: Elephone P4000, 4400mAh
As Elephone’s flagship, it not only carries a big power but also 64-bit MTK6735, Android 5.1 Lollipop, dual 4G LTE, 13MP Samsung camera and superb 5V 2A fast charging support.

Number 3: iNew L4, 5000mAh
For a 5.5-inch screen smartphone, 5000mAh genuinely is massive. Likewise, it is equipped with similar configurations to device above, MTK6735 processor, 5.5-inch 720P screen, 5MP+13MP rear camera.

Number 2: BLUBOO X550, 5300mAh

The meaning of figure 5300mAh means 4 days normal using time and 1 month standby time, it also uses PumpExpress Plus as well. Other specs includes: 5.5-inch 720P screen, MTK6735 Quad-core, 16GB ROM+2GB RAM, 8MP camera, 4G LTE network.Vkworld Vk6050 Smartphone
Vkworld Vk6050 Smartphone
Number 1: Vkworld Vk6050, 6050mAh
The figure itself has surpassed our recognition, along with 64-bit Cortex A53, Mali-T720 GPU, 5.5-inch 720P screen with 13MP OV CMOS camera, it is just unprecedented.

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