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What do you put on in your wrist? How about your angle or neck? Apparently, you will like to have a bracelet, a wristwatch or any other form of a jewel you will admire! But did you know that you can get another amazing “jewel-like” bracelet that really fits your wrist neck or angle and serves even a much more important function that just for fun and fashion? Xiaomi fitness tracker introduces you to the top two amazing fitness trackers with the most appealing qualities that really leaves you with no choice but to purchase them! The xiaomi miband 2 and the Mijia SYB01 are the best fitness trackers you can ever think of!

xiaomi fitness tracker


Xiaomi fitness trackers includes both xiaomi miband 2 and the Mijjia SYB01. They are really the monitors of your sleep pattern and your day to day activities. Miband 2 has a distinct feature of recording your steps, distance, pace, active hours and your data will be sent to mi Fit app! Miband 2 also can really be the best entity to receive notifications. It will remind you that you have a message from the phone or Facebook and it will show you the caller id and the name of the caller! Miband 2 can also monitor your whole sleep and has an ability to recognize the stage of the sleep whether a deep or light sleep. It has a special entity that can detect the heart vibrations and can record data and the duration of every stage accurately! The data collected here can help you analyze and improve your sleep! Miband 2 is designed in a manner that sweat, water splashes, cosmetics and dust pose no dangers since it’s resistant to it. You really don’t have to remove it when you are in a shower! It’s also compatible with other applications such as Bluetooth, android 4.4, IOS, and can install mi fit app.

Why choose this xiaomi fitness tracker?xiaomi fitness tracker

Xiaomi fitness tracker has proven to be the most enticing entity that is multipurpose! With it you can never be late. Because it shows you time and really it’s the reason why you are always punctual in your duties! It also monitors your health because you can know your heartbeat rate statistics, your sleep statistics and even your daily duty statistics! It simply means that you will be updated health wise and also in the effort you put in doing your tasks!

To conclude, Xiaomi fitness trackers are really the most amazing fitness trackers that serves all at once! You can get them a pocket-friendly prices below 100 dollars at Banggood! It’s surely the fitness tracker you deserve!

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