The Best Traveling Companions Are Calling Your Name


The best part about traveling is that you get to experience the diversity of cultures while witnessing some fantastic sites. You take some awesome moments by snapping awesome pics with your selfie stick. However, the worst part comes when you can no longer enjoy picturesque moments due to low battery. Getting away from your busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to get off the grid. You’ll need to carry a power bank to recharge your phone, camera or laptop.


Are you worried on which devices would serve as the best traveling companion? Lucky for you the xiaomi selfie stick, power bank, and the camera will serve you the whole way.

xiaomi yi m1

Xiaomi yi Mi Mirror-less camera

The xiaomi yi m1 camera is one of the advanced cameras in the market that combines high functionality with style. It is easy to use so beginners can easily take excellent photos. The camera utilizes a high-resolution 2OMP Sony Sensor that gives the user the ability to take pictures in different formats both JPEG and RAW. The camera can take 4k/30P videos. If you don’t want to spend a whole lot on a professional camera, the Xiaomi gives you the taste of DSLR. It is definitely way better than Smartphone cameras. It improves user experience by its physical buttons that make snapping easy.

xiaomi selfie stick

Xiaomi selfie stick

Want to record awesome moments? The xiaomi selfie stick enables you to record different moments in your life in a fun and creative way. It comprises a 60mAh battery that lasts you a long while when traveling. You get to take incredible videos and shots without asking for the help of strangers. If you want to snap photos at different angles, the selfie stick allows 360-degree rotations using its adjustable phone stand. You don’t have to worry about its portability; it’s made from a solid Aluminum alloy that resistant from slips.

10000mah mi power bank

10000mAh Xiaomi power bank

Charge your electronic devices on the go with the 10000mah mi power bank. It features a powerhouse that provides high-speed charging. It gets you through long distance traveling. Its functionality is backed up by style making it feel great on the hand. The aluminum casing withstands any collisions. This xiaomi power bank has an ergonomic design that creates a secure grip and surface finishing is resistant to daily wear.


The Xiaomi products easily take the top spot for the best traveling companions. As a constant traveler, the power bank has served my electronic devices for long distances while the camera has enabled me to record some impressive moments. If you are looking for durable products, consider the xiaomi products to last you longer.

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