Normally we compare smartphones of different brands on internet or discuss it with friends regarding which one is better and which one is not. But now i am going to do something exciting and something different – compare two smartphone of same brand which is similar to say as “battle of brothers”. They are same in appearance up to a great extent but with different technical specification. Do you have any guess ?

xiaomi redmi

Yes, I am talking about Xiaomi Redmi smartphones. I am going to compare the xiaomi redmi note 4 with Xiaomi Redmi Pro, which are the most popular and advanced smartphones among all the redmi smartphones. These two smartphone resemble similar in appearance with a 5.5 inch full HD 2.5D glass display, but you should know the technical things to differentiate between them.

xiaomi redmi

Let’s talk about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Talking about the design of xiaomi note 4, it is having uni body design with metal body and curved edges. The finger print sensor is on the rear side of this phone. It comes with IPS display. Redmi Note 4 is available in 3 and 4 GB RAM with 32 an 64 GB internal and thus it is ahead of Redmi Pro in terms of space. Talking of the bench marking score the processor of this phone is snapdragon 625 with 2 Ghz Octacore. Rear camera of 13 Mp and front camera of 5 MP makes it awesome. A GPU of Adreno 506 and OS of MIUI is the system specification of this phone which is not making it dominating over Redmi Pro.

xiaomi redmi

Now, Reviewing the Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

It has got a different way of design with brushed aluminium body and curved edges which makes the phone look premium. The front home button contains the finger print sensor. It comes with O-led display. In the price range of note 4, only 3 GB RAM with 32 GB internal is available in Redmi Pro. USB type C port is making it a fast chargeable phone. Helio x25, 10 core 64 bit processor with 2.5 Ghz clock speed which makes it dominating over note 4. The main benefit of xiaomi redmi Pro is that it has got dual rear camera of 13+ 5 MP with wide angle lenses making it the phone of next generation. Many more technical features like Mali- T880 GPU and Tri cluster CPU architecture is responsible for its power efficient characteristics.

xiaomi redmi

So you have got the full comparison of both the phones and now you better know which phone will be perfect for you. Coming to the overall rating of the phone, xiaomi 4 will be awarded seven star out of ten as its high cost performance and for xiaomi redmi Pro – definitely at least eight out of ten as its unbeatable features. It is upon you to make the decision according to the comparison. And the xiaomi redmi 4x is also another fashionable and stylish redmi smartphone that attracting the attention of the whole world. Even better, you can find so many various xiaomi smartphone accessories like the xiaomi s2 or xiaomi 4x cases.




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