Banggood  Promo:  Buy in Groups and Save Together

On May 10th, will begin a promo titled “Buy in groups, save together.”  It is a group-buy activity accessible from the latest version of the Banggood APP.

Group Buy is easy to understand. You can create your own group and invite friends to join it, or click “join” to directly participate in another group.

Every group has a target size. If the group grows to the target size within the event time, all members will get the group price. If not enough people join the group then it will fail and all members will have their payment refunded.

Group Buy offers you the chance to save more than 30% on hundreds of popular products. Deals include mobile phones, bracelets, smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets, smart home gear and more.

How to participate

1.Download the latest version of Banggood APP.

2.Enter the activity page and choose the group that you want to  join

3. To complete the group by sharing  the activity page to your friends to invite them to join your group( Only the Banggood app users can join) or you can  join the group of your other friends.

4. Wait for your package. Don’t forget you can earn BG points if you write a review.

Your success hinges on building a group, so send your invitation link to others. If you don’t complete your group, then you can’t enjoy the group price. It is a fun event and the deals are great, so get your message out to your friends and build a successful group together.

Remember, you need the latest version of the Banggood APP to play, so download it now if you don’t  have it.









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