Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale: The Last Round, The Last Chance To Seckill

Finally, the most exciting and crazy moment is coming! It is the last round of our Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale, beginning from 2:00 to 10:00 on Sept 10th. And the following products are just sold at US$ 0.1, which is a shocking price you never dare to expect.
banggood annversary sale

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1. Nut 2 Tracking Patch (Exact time: 2:00-3:00)
Nut 2 Tracking Patch
That is a tracker adopting Bluetooth 4.0 based intelligent search technology to tie your items and installation at home, and you can find the items through your iOS or Android mobile phone. That is to say, the tracker is compatible with iOS system and Android system and support the maximum 50m effective distance. And with the ultra-low power consumption, users can get a longest using experience.

Referring to its functions, it features Two-way anti-lost, which will give double protection, as long as the nut stays away from you, mobile phone and the nut will send out alarm and flash to remind you. Meanwhile, A key finding things, The location information, The Internet search and Multi-tasking management are all supported to help you find things quicker and easier.

2. Xiaomi USB Mini Fan (Exact time: 3:00-4:00)
Xiaomi USB Mini Fan
With the light weight and detachable design, Xiaomi fan is portable and removable. Having the standard USB interface, it can perfectly mix and match various digital devices, including power bank, desktop computer, laptops, car charger and USB connector, etc.

Made by high-grade silicone material, the fan is environmentally safe and durable. Better still, it can offer a quiet and comfortable environment, owing to the super low noise, equivalent to the sound of a gentle breeze. Most importantly, the fan carries very low power consumption, if matching with Millet mobile power 16000mAh, it would powerfully maintain for up to 62 hours.

3. OV Micro SDHC 32G SD Card (Exact time: 3:00-4:00)
OV 32G Card
It is one of the smallest formats available in consumer electronics. With the large capacity of 32GB, you can freely and wantonly download or store things you like. Besides, the card supports universal compatibility and plug-and-play operation, rather easy to use.

Moreover, data won’t lose when power is turned off because of the Non-volatile solid-state. With the Class 10 transmission speed, the card meets the requirements of storage needs high rate. Having reached high security level, it fits mobile phones or any other devices offering a TF card slot.

4. Xiaomi Miband Bracelet (Exact time: 7:00-8:00)

5. Xiaomi Piston 3 Reddot Earphone (Exact time: 8:00-9:00)xiaomi mibandXiaomi Piston 3 Reddot
These two products appear not only in the second round, but in this round. In other words, if you lose the chance of purchase, you can catch them in this last round with the lowest price. And their information has been posted in the second round passage, you can go back to have a quick glimpse.

If you still hesitate whether to buy or not, you would miss the last chance and regret for a lifetime! Hey, cheer up! Just be decisive and get a full preparation to seckill, you are bound to be the winner in this crazy snap-up.

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