Banggood 10-Year Anniversary: The Main Venue

Comes as the Banggood 10-year anniversary event, we sincerely invite you to participate with us to celebrate this happy moment. In order to thank the support of customers, we prepare a series of promotional products. In this activity, you can purchase the products with lower prices. First of all, you need to know the activity time and promotional products if you want to attend this activity.

The 10-year anniversary party begins in 8th, Aug. And it divides into several sessions. This time, I wanna tell you something about the main venue and some anniversary rules and tips in 48 hours crazy anniversary sale. In order to get your favorite products, you need to complete three steps. First, preview the anniversary prices. Then, add your favorite products into the cart in advance. Last, check out and rush to buy them in Sept 8th to 9th.



In terms of the anniversary rules and tips, I wanna tell you 3 points. First, the activity begins at 10:00am Sept 8th and ends at 10:00am Sept 10th ( UTC+8 ). Second, the promotional products are only valid in the 48 Hour Sale, including prices and hot products. Third, before you join, you must read, agree and accept all rules of this activity.

Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some mobile gadgets, then you should not miss the activities in 24th, Aug. There are plenty of promotional smartphones and accessories in the following activity pages:

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