Authentic 4G Smartphone Recommendations

Disputably faster speed networking will be an dispensable part of future smartphone development, hence, more manufacturers has planned on launching their own 4G LTE smartphone. Unfortunately, not all the 4G smartphones performs as excellent as our expectation, so, how many authentic 4G smartphone enjoyment can we experience currently?
ZOPO 3X ZP999 4G 5.5-inch 3GB 16GB MT6595M Octa-core Smartphone
Without a doubt, ZOPO 3X ZP999 will be the foremost smartphone I recommend. Deploying plenty of real FDD-LTE and TD-LTE 4G frequency, ZP999 has ensured barricade-free 4G phone call happens wherever you go. Basically, the significance of the word “distance” will no longer exist because even the longest distance video chat, online communication or phone call will be available as you wish, just feel like the world and you are one.

Of course, except for staggering 4G enjoyment, ZOPO 3X ZP999 is the flagship of new generation smartphone. Thanks to the adoption of improved 3GB RAM and incredibly fast 2.0GHz eight-core processor, it is not hard to foresee an unprecedent fast reacting, stunning smoothness and high efficient performance all the time. How fast can it reach? User experience can tell the best!
ZOPO ZP999 Lion Heart 4G 5.5-inch 3GB 32GB Octa-core Smartphone
Another masterpiece that you won’t going to miss must be ZOPO ZP999 Lion Heart. Like the previous smartphone, it employed exactly the same 4G LTE configuration aiming at first-class 4G user experience. Apart from liberal communication, an unbelievable 135Mbps 4G download speed is terrific, which is 10 times faster than 3G in fact. Take one simple example, a 1GB large file download assignment can be done in one minute, how revolutionary it is!
ZOPO ZP999 Lion Heart 4G 5.5-inch 3GB 32GB Octa-core Smartphone
In the aspect of overall performance, the one stem from ZOPO ZP999 Lion Heart is unsurpassed. Not simply just extraordinary 3GB RAM, a high luminance visual impact consist of 1920*1080 pixels full high definition screen and 1600m colors is brilliant. Moreover, accompany with 14.0MP BSI back camera and improved gesture recognition function, it is no exaggeration to say it the benchmark of new generation smartphone!

Will the above two authentic 4G smartphones an initiation of new era? Seeing is believing!

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