Arrived! NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch Is Now Stocked

Breaking news! A couple of minutes ago, I was told that Banggood is announcing the arrival of NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch, the one which is open for sale currently at $59.99 retail price!
NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch
If my memory serves me well, Banggood has fore-noticed that more batches of NO.1 SUN S2 was coming around the corner after a few sample of them arrived last week. Now, it is happening! Regular sales can commence, those preorders will be shipped out shortly in these days!

About Inventory
Although we haven’t got any feedback from product manager who covered smartphones, however, we are told that it is currently in stock and inventory should not be a problem. Meanwhile, it appears that BG is contacting suppliers and working on more material supply, so, an endless waiting is now over!

About Retail Price
Surely you’ve been noticed that $59.99, the retail price at this moment, is 5 dollars higher than preorder phrase, BG has gave their official explanation that preorders is just for warming up(naturally lower), more sales campaign and promotions will be available at lower cost, we will see and find out soon.
NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch
NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch is a well-made intelligent wearable watch which combined classic dial and exquisite design with multiple functions, you genuinely can experience a troop of functions like hands-free phone call, data sync, pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, music play, etc.

In short, facing such a brilliant smart watch and alluring cost like this, is it just right for the part? What’s your idea?

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