The most anticipated gaming smartphone in 2018

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Do you know that technology can push your gaming experience to unimaginable new gaming level? First, let’s talk about Sharks! What comes to your mind? Yes…Power, speed, class, precision. And sharks swim alone, and sleep with their eyes open! Now, these are the qualities that have been technologically blended in your much-anticipated gaming smartphone, Xiaomi Black Shark!

Xiaomi Black Shark

Which Features Make Xiaomi Black Shark Unique?

1). Stylish Design That Exudes Comfort

The phone boasts of a black or grey sleek sports car outer model for user’s comfort and sense of style. It comes with different lighting ambient with different effects when the phone is switched on, during gaming, for notifications or when there is an incoming call.


It is equipped with 20 Megapixel front and rear cameras with different configuration options under different light intensities. With intelligent scene recognition, superior image quality even in the dark light, and professional portrait settings, it offers the best in the camera package that you can ever wish for.


2). Robust Memory and Super-Cooling System

They say gaming consumes phone memory…with Black Shark, memory limitations cannot diminish your gaming limits! It is designed to take 6GB RAM to 64 GB ROM, for an ultimate gaming experience. With its 855 snapdragon CPU, speed is no limit. For stable and extended performance, it is equipped with liquid cooling system…to keep it cool as you enjoy your cool game!

Xiaomi Black Shark

3). Super Wide Screen, Super Resolution

You will never strain your eyes while gaming. It supports full-screen ration of 18:9 for real gaming encounter! Its 5.99” screen is designed to support DCI-P3 with up to 97% color range for your gaming enjoyment.


4). Independent Image Processing Technology

Comes with a special independent image processing chip for intelligent motion compensation. This guarantees smoother, stable and clearer images with no smearing or shaking effects. The chip technology ensures your eyes are well protected as your game in peace with joy!

Xiaomi Black Shark

5). Multimedia Components & Smart Antennae

Equipped with a gaming microphone to let you capture all gaming sounds for real gaming effect. And what’s more, the third microphone on the phone’s front is perfectly hidden in your earpiece.

With smart antennae, it does not matter how you turn your phone when gaming…there will be no grip of death!


6). User-friendly Gaming Dock

Black shark gamepad offers you all options you need while gaming at your finger-tips. The gaming pad is very compact and light allowing you to easily connect and maneuver as you wish during gaming.

Xiaomi Black Shark

7). Other features

-Black shark supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

-It supports dual sim cards, and available in both black and grey colors.

-Powered by Android 8 Operating System

-Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transfer

-Super-resolution of 2160×1080 Pixel

-Adreno 362 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)



With Black Shark smartphone, your phone is more than just a phone, and your gaming is definitely taken to a super new level. Just like a shark that hunts alone, Black Shark is on its own technology level when it comes to gaming. Looking for a gaming phone? Look no further, Black Shark the best you can ever look for.

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