Aminy M850 Headset, The One Never Break Your Bank Or Heart

Under normal circumstance, low cost is tempting but always remind us of low quality, functional defect or even gimmick, however, Aminy M850 Bluetooth Headset shows us a completely different idea.
Aminy M850 Bluetooth Headset
In this era people judge a book by the cover, Aminy M850 never belongs to something with streamlined fuselage, extremely light weight, not to mention sleekness, but it comes with delicate design, metallic framework and three optional pattern, just prim and proper. In way, how aesthetic one tiny Bluetooth headset can you ask for?Aminy M850 Bluetooth Headset

Superficially, M850 looks nothing special, but nobody notice how sophisticated it is until making a teardown. In fact, it integrates intelligent CPU with CVC 6.0 noise reduction, giving audio experience clear and immersive, which is just right both for music playing and call making.
Aminy M850 Bluetooth Headset
Besides, the reason why it is 2 grams heavier is that it carries battery capacity up to 60mAh. What can we do with it? It means standby time up to 200 hours, while talk time up to 4 hours, literally as good as Xiaomi headset.

Functional speaking, Aminy M850 should have catered to people’s need the best. It is effort-less to take control of by pressing buttons on the surface, neither will you find it hard to pair a smartphone or something. Answer/ refuse phone call, song switch, play/pause are fully accessible, you still can pick up a phone by voice control, how convenient!
Aminy M850 Bluetooth Headset
If you don’t like being complex and fancy something practical and cost-effective, you can feel free to give it a go, it won’t break some record but never breaks your bank either.

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