AI is increasingly powerful: AlphaGo Zero no longer needs human knowledge


How powerful is AlphaGo Zero?Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • AlphaGo Lee, who had finished with 4: 1 victory over Li Shih-hong, was already the top level of the human chess community, but with AlphaGo Zero, the score was 100: 0.
  • A few months ago, AlphaGo Master, who defeated Kejie at 3: 0 in Wuzhen becoming the world champion, also finished by AlphaGo Zero – winning rate up to 90%.
  • There is no doubt that AlphaGo Zero is the strongest chess player in the world. Even more frightening is that AlphaGo Zero’ s growth entirely without human intervention.


Why is AlphaGo Zero so powerful?Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

October 18, 2017, DeepMind published a new paper in the “Nature” magazine, officially introducing to the world the latest version of AlphaGo – AlphaGo Zero, and called it the Final Version of AlphaGo.

AlphaGo Zero, using purely intensive learning (without the need for human samples or guidance, without any domain knowledge other than the basic rules, and purely intensive learning can be used to achieve beyond human level.) to self-chess, after each game, the neural networks and powerful search algorithm will combine, and the system performance will rise slightly. After constantly adjusting the chess path, AlphaGo Zero eventually be able to predict the opponent’s action and Win.


AlphaGo Zero represents the significance of AI progressXiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

AlphaGo Zero proves that, even in the most challenging areas, purely enhanced learning is also feasible. In addition, purely intensive learning methods only need to spend very little training time, but compared to the use of human data, to achieve a better asymptotic performance. In many cases, human data, especially expert data, are often too expensive or simply not available. AlphaGo Zero is completely independent of human data, and if similar technologies can be applied to other issues, these breakthroughs can have a very positive impact on society.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Therefore, the success of this system is also a big step towards the long-term goal of artificial intelligence research – to create an algorithm that achieves transcending human competence in the absence of human input. In the future, this result will be more cited in the AI field. In fact, high-tech robots are not far away from our daily life. In the modern society where the life speed is accelerating, AI products are also playing an important role in the housework area. Our rice cookers can be connected to the mobile phone APP to set the cook time in advance. In the hot summer, we can turn on the air conditioner through our smartphone in advance so you can enjoy the cool breeze the moment you arrived home. As to the floor cleaning, we have – the incredible Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has the upgraded 2-in-1 sweep and mop cleaning technology. You can customize a specific cleaning area by connecting with the phone APP. Using the powerful self-learning skills like AlphaGo Zero, this highly intelligent robot can sweep while laser scanning, recording the size of the home, and then automatically plan the best cleaning route. More intelligent features like Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System, 2000Pa Super-Suction, Obstacle climbing, Large Capacity Battery, Anti-drop sensors, Convenient use and clean design, leaves no single dirt in any corner.


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