Advanced and Affordable Bluetooth Headphones that Do More by Bluedio

Bluedio is a China-based company that has come to be known for making great headphones, earphones, headsets, and speakers. The company has been focusing on providing listeners with the best sound since 2009. Their products are now available in 34 countries all over the world. All Bluedio headphones are designed to look great and have premium features with the newest technologies. Here is a review of the top Bluetooth headphones by the company; the Bluedio Turbine t2 and the Bluedio t2 plus.

bluedio t2 plus

The Bluedio T2

These bluedio turbine t2 headphones are all you could dream of. They look cool and give a great sound. The earcups look like a turbine and can be rotated up to 195 degrees. This means that the headphones will occupy less space when packed and when you want to listen with one ear cup, you can just rotate the other away. To give you maximum comfort, the ear cups are padded with soft leather and foam. The headband fits all head sizes.


For versatility, this headphone comes with an audio cable and Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth 4.1, this headphone has speedy and powerful transmission from any phone. You can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. When you are called as you listen to your music, you can easily pick it up without having to remove the headphones. The in-built mic will capture your voice clearly allowing the person at the other end of the line get you clearly. The sound of the Bluedio turbine t2 is great thanks to the 57mm ultra-big speakers the headphones have. This gives clear bass, highs, and varied sound range. You will never miss a sound with these headsets. You can adjust the volume and equalizer so you hear your music just how you like it.

bluedio t2 plus

Bluedio T2 Plus

This is a better version of the Bluedio T2. The two look the same in design and can be used wired or wirelessly. The bluedio t2 plus has Bluetooth 4.1 that gives a good connectivity. You can connect 2 smartphones at the same time and listen to music from both. You can also pick or make calls using either connected phone. The headphone’s inbuilt microphone will allow two-way communication. You can also share music with friends through the line out audio. For long use, this device comes with a powerful battery. Charge it fully for about 2 hours and you will get standby time of up to 1625 hours, 45 hours talking time or 40 hours music playing time.


Other than being a listening device, the Bluedio T2 has an FM radio. You can catch all your favorite radio shows without the need to use your smart phone’s FM radio. It also supports Micro SD cards. You can listen to your favorite hits on an SD saving your phone’s storage. To control this headset, simply install the accompanying app.

bluedio t2 plus

What differentiates the two?

The Bluedio t2 plus is advanced and has some cool features that the bluedio t2 does not have. These include the Micro SD support, FM Radio and line out audio. You can use an app on your phone to control the T2 Plus but not the Bluedio T2. The latter’s battery also runs for much longer. These are the only differences. In terms of looks, the two headsets are similar. If you are looking for a basic headphone, the Bluedio T2 is the one to get but if FM radio and Micro SD support matter to you, the Plus is the better option.

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