A Comparison of Runbo F1 Feature Phone and Runbo Q5 Feature phone

There are plenty of feature phones specially designed for those who need. In this article, I will show you two feature phones and do a comparison between them. Both of them are suitable for outdoor use. The analysis involves four aspects, including appearance design, configuration, function and battery.

Runbo F1

Runbo Q5

Appearance Design

In terms of the appearance design, they look similar to each other. The obvious difference is that Runbo Q5 has an antenna. Besides, they have different sizes. Runbo F1 has a size of 171*91*15.2mm, while Q5 has a dimension of 154*73.5*25mm. Exactly, their display inches and resolution are different from each other. F1 has a 5.5-inch screen with 1920*1080 Pixels resolution, while Q5 has a 4.5-inch screen with 960*540 Pixels resolution.

Runbo F1


Runbo Q5In the same aspect, both of them are made of rubber and plastic materials. Equipped the same type Corning III Gorilla Glass IPS touch screen with OGS technology, they offer you the excellent waterproof ability.


They have several identical places in configuration aspect. Firstly, they support the fastest 4G LTE network, which ensures the stable 4G signal anywhere anytime. Secondly, they come in 2GB of RAM with 16GB storage. Thirdly, both of them supports dual SIM cards dual standby. Lastly, they adopt the same Android 5.1 operating system.Runbo F1

Runbo Q5

The obvious difference in configuration is the processors they have. The F1 feature phone is powered by an Octa-Core MTK6752A Cortex A53 64 bits processor, while Q5 is powered by a Quad-core MTK6735 64 bits processor.


In the function aspect, both of them have unique designs. The F1 feature phone has the special design of GPS function, which supports Beidou, GPS, Glonass positioning and navigation. While Q5 feature phone has the abilities of SOS and 2W UHF Walkie Talkie. Except for that, both of them have the waterproof function.

Runbo F1

Runbo F1

Runbo Q5-5 Runbo Q5-6


Compared with the 4,200mAh battery configuration of Q5 feature phone, F1 has a bigger capacity battery of 5,000mAh. Actually, both of them will bring you unexpected surprise to support long time standby.

Runbo Q5


To sum up, Runbo F1 Feature Phone and Runbo Q5 Feature phone are suitable for those who need to do some outdoor work. If you are searching for such a feature phone, you can have a try! Both of them are excellent and worthy trying. They have the same designs and different aspects. Choosing which one depends on your need. After all, hope you have a nice user experience!

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