64-bit UMI Hammer “The Rock” For $139.99

UMI Hammer Smartphone, a smartphone launched a month ago, is still a center of hot discussion and keep on seizing spotlights as always, and it is now available at $139.99 here at Banggood now.
UMI Hammer MTK6732
The indestructible rock
Believe it or not, UMI Hammer did actually survived from crazy tests that sounds like impossible. It smashed a walnut, drove in a nail, went through car tyre test, survived from free falling and electrical drill test. All these achievements can’t be separated with 9H hardness touch screen.
UMI Hammer MTK6732
MTK6732 64-bit Quad-core
UMI Hammer MTK6732 wasn’t plan on packing the hammer with Quad-core processor, alternatively, it ought to be an Octa-core, however, it decided to drop back and adopted a slightly conservative MTK6732 Quad-core, but with 64-bit architecture, which means performance has integrated decent speed and processing capacity as well.

Full specs
As you can imagine, UMI Hammer MTK6732 comes with Android 4.4 OS, 5-inch 720P screen, 13MP prime camera, 2250mAh battery, though lovely outlook and convenient HotKnot wireless has replenished performance in a way, but it is just prim and proper.

Regardless of passable basic configurations, $139.99 retail price for such a solid smartphone UMI HAMMER 4G can’t be more tempting, even cost-effective, at least it is a dual-functional device for outdoor activity, why not?

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