Enjoy Longer Hours Of Smartphone Usage With Xiaomi Power Bank

Smartphones today have become one of the basic essentials as we tend to depend on it more than ever before. And this dependency is constantly rising with new apps and technology that are frequently getting launched. Smartphones are used widely for both personal and business purposes. So a lot of things are done while on the move and if you are one such user, you do not want your phone to run out of battery. Just imagine you have a phone with the best camera and you are all set to take a selfie with your friends. But suddenly the phone turns off or shows a low battery signal, which can be really embarrassing. Say hello to the Xiaomi 5000mah power bank that extends your phone’s battery twice its capacity, so you can seamlessly stay connected with your smart world.

xiaomi 5000mah power bank

Features of The Power Bank

The Xiaomi 5000mah mi power bank comes with a 3.7V battery with 5000 mAh capacity. It has a micro USB input for charging the power bank and a USB output for connecting your phone to charge it. The power bank takes just 3 hours to completely charge and you are ready to go. With just 150 grams in weight and a stylish sleek design, you can easily carry it in your pocket or backpack. There is a power button with four LED indicators to show the level of power left and to indicate when it is fully charged.

xiaomi 5000mah power bank

Great on Performance

The xiaomi 5000mah power bank starts charging your phone the moment you connected it. The sturdy aluminum casing protects the circuit inside against accidental slips. The casing is water and corrosion resistant that makes it ideal for you to carry while you are traveling in rough weather conditions. It is just 9.9mm thin that makes it look very appealing. You can find the mi brand logo laser printed on the case and the finishing of this power bank is perfect.

xiaomi 5000mah power bank

Must for Business Users

5000mah mi power bank lets you stay connected with your phone without any interruption. So when you are on a business trip with long hauls, you do not have to run around looking for charging points to get your phone some juice. Just pull this sleek power bank from your backpack and continue using the phone. This is great for business users as even a single missed call or message can lead to missing a greater opportunity or a client. So when you have this power bank with you, there are no such hassles and you can carry on with your journey without any stress.


Unlike most other power banks, this one does not give up after few months of usage. The optimized charging and discharging efficiency add more life to it. So that makes it more durable than most other power banks in the market.

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