50% Off And Free DOOGEE Smartphone Accessories

Like a man sitting inconspicuously in the corner, 50% off and free DOOGEE Smartphone seldom draw people’s attention as much as previous flash deal for Valencia 2 Y100 or presell promotions for DOOGEE VALENCIA 2 Y100 Pro, but in fact, it is pretty beneficial for loyal customers.
Doogee smartphone
How To Get Free Accessories
Surely free accessories section is what people concentrate the most! From 8th to 15th June, you are able to get one free accessories when you buy together with the phone, of course, those specific smartphones are limited in range of DG F1, DG700, DG280, DG310 and DG800.

Besides, free accessories to be offered during an entire DOOGEE mid-year crazy sales are including original battery, back cover, original leather case, leather case and screen film.

I Don’t Want Old Smartphone
Then 50% off DOOGEE Smartphone Accessories more should be your ideal options as original battery and back cover will be the best replacement part if your DOOGEE smartphone is scratched or broken, while leather protective case and screen film gives consistent protection as always.

There will be battery, leather case and screen film for DG F1; battery, back cover for DG700; battery and screen film for DG280; original leather case, battery and screen film for DG310; battery, back cover, leather case and screen film for DG800. Mind you, each of them costs just half of original cost if you buy it alone.

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