5 Best Features of the P47 Wireless Bluetooth headphone

When your mind is in sync with your beats, you cannot feel anything around you. Music keeps you focused, stimulated, and invincible. It gives you comfort beyond measure. You can listen to music and just drown in your pleasures in a world of pure sensations. It makes you love your workouts because you know you are not alone. You know you have the energy and power to reach past your limits with your Bluetooth headphones.


For music enthusiasts and those who listen to music in their sport, here are some interesting features of the Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones with Microphone Portable Stereo FM Headset that you will love.

bluetooth sports headphones

  1. Wireless connectivity –The P47 bluetooth sports headphones use Bluetooth to play your music meaning you don’t need to use the audio cable which most of the times are a nuisance. The Bluetooth headphones run a version 4.2 Bluetooth that is compatible with most devices and transmits at a frequency of up to 2.480GHz. Therefore you can enjoy high-quality music seamlessly, and receive your calls through the Bluetooth headphones even if you are 10 meters away from your device.

bluetooth sports headphones

  1. High-Quality Sound The Bluetooth headphone is fitted with a stereo sound mode for a surround effect experience while listening to your music especially during sport. The speakers have in-built high-quality audio code that capable of produces high quality sounds even from low frequency. They have a sound to noise ratio of 88Db that really produces clear sounds.

bluetooth sports headphones

  1. Sleek, foldable design One of the admirable features of the P47 headphone that makes it very good for sporting is the compact design. It is an over the ear adjustable headphone that is 17.5cm wide, 2.5cm curved and 20.5cm long. The measurements make it perfectly fit on your head without moving about hence ensuring you get a full music experience while sporting. Its foldable design makes it easier to carry around and fit in tight spaces like in your gym bag.

bluetooth sports headphones

  1. FM Radio and SD Card support The P47 has an inbuilt TPT antenna that supports a wide range of FM frequencies. It also has a dedicated sd card slot to fit on your memory card. With these, you can switch through modes to what you want to listen to.

bluetooth sports headphones

  1. Ease of use –The P47 Bluetooth headphones have control buttons that are well spaced and designed to simplify its use. This feature makes it very convenient for sporting because of minimal distraction. It takes 2 hours to be fully charged which is very remarkable, with a standby time of 18hours, and 6 hours when you use it. This gives you ample time to plan your listening and sporting without worrying about the charge. It comes with a 1-meter cord to substitute in case you run out of charge.


The P47 Wireless Bluetooth, is a useful gadget especially for Sports, because of its compact portable design, its overhead controls, and charge capacity. The customer reviews show satisfaction with the quality of the sound and it is really worth its money.


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  1. For the love of all that is holy can somebody PLEASE tell me WHICH SIDE IS LEFT AND WHICH SIDE IS RIGHT? These *amazing* headphones don’t have an L or R on them and I have just spent an hour in an internet hole trying to find an answer to this SIMPLE question.


    Or they go in my damn pond.

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