44% Off iOcean X8 Mini Is Coming On May Day

Another one! Banggood has confirmed a discounted iOcean X8 Mini Smartphone to be available on May soon!
iOcean X8 Mini Smartphone
As you may know already, in order to satisfy the coming golden purchase weekend, X8 Mini has been involved into sales promotion subsequent to its “big brother” X8, by spending $126.99USD can you take it home now. iOcean X8 Mini Smartphone

If my memory services me well, i still remember that iOcean X8 Mini has been placed on the board of “top 10 cost-effective middle-end smartphone in domestic” in 2014 by its MTK6583 Quad-core processor, latest Android 4.4 OS on the occasion and decent configurations.
iOcean X8 Mini Smartphone
Moreover, user experience is the essence of X8 Mini as well, at least you will be captured by aesthetic and metallic outlook, handy sense of touch. Tough it is just a middle range device, but smart wake, wet touch mode, OTG and a series of comfortable control will make it humanized and civilized at least.
iOcean X8 Mini Smartphone
Although middle-end smartphone in superb cost performance will no longer be the mainstream this year, however, you have no idea where countless need suddenly comes from, right?
iOcean X8 Mini Smartphone
Regarding inventory and validity, BG hasn’t clarified it yet but it will be in short supply, expressed by BG’s staff, which is predictable as it is an old product last year, therefore, this golden opportunity won’t last for long time.

In my kind of personal view, though I don’t have any need for a new phone, but iOcean X8 Mini in such an unprecedented 44% off discount won’t break some records or break your bank, right?

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