4 Features That Set the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Apart

Xiaomi is the fifth biggest smartphone vendor in China and also set to become the second largest in the world. Nicknamed the “Chinese phoenix” due to its rapid growth over the past few years, it’s market penetration is seen as a threat to other major smartphone producers in the world. The brand was once the number one Chinese smartphone manufacturer but faced a slightly difficult period but is now back on track to reclaim its position. Behind their success is a strategy of making high-end products and offering them at low prices. One of their best product in the smartphone market is the Xiaomi redmi note 4 and below are a few reasons why you should get one.

xiaomi redmi note 4

  1. 13MP and 5MP Cameras

For those of you who love photography, it comes equipped with a 13MP back camera and a 5MP selfie camera. The back camera has a two-tone flash for additional lighting which makes it easier to take photos in dark places. It also has a 5-element lens and f/2.0 aperture which means you can capture your best moments in high quality.

xiaomi redmi note 4

  1. 5.5″ Screen

The redmi note 4 has a 5.5″ FHD capacitive screen with a resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels meaning you’ll be comfortable watching videos or playing games on the phone. Additionally, it uses screen light management technology that adjusts screen brightness automatically depending on the time of day. This is good for you as it reduces your chances of developing eye problems due to screen light.

xiaomi note 4 pro

  1. Fingerprint sensor

In terms of security, the xiaomi redmi note 4 has taken it a notch higher with a fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone. This means that your texts, documents or online transactions will be secured as there’s no possibility of unauthorized access to your phone.

xiaomi redmi note 4 snapdragon

  1. 128GB external memory

In addition to the 32GB internal memory, the redmi note 4 also supports TF/SD cards up to a maximum of 128GB in memory. This translates to having enough space for all your files including apps, heavy games, music, and videos. You can also use the SD card to transfer your files to your computer.


The advantages of the Xiaomi redmi note 4 over other brands are obvious. If you do a features Vs price comparison, you’ll realize Xiaomi offers a lot more features and functionality than equally priced phones from other brands. Looking for a better smartphone than the one you currently have? This is the one to go for


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