$30 Discounted Blackview BV5000 Is In Progress, Coupon Code: 8bf3f5

News from Banggood this morning, the brand new blackview bv5000, the smartphone designed both for daily use and outdoors, is actually on sale at the moment. After marking the price down up to $30, it is available for just $179.99.
Blackview BV5000 Smartphone

About $30 sales promotion
Obviously, the reason why a sales promotion is released at the moment is that blackview bv5000 smartphone is currently presale. After cutting the price, you now can make a purchase beforehand by spending just $179.99.

Instead of direct price cut, $30 will be offered to people who used coupon code “8bf3f5”, sounds quite fair. Besides, it is still unknown if there is a time limit but we reckon it is too early from over, probably until 8th October.

Blackview BV5000 Smartphone
About ETA
As I mentioned above, $30 off sales campaign might be over on 8th October, the day when first batch of phone will arrive if everything is going as scheduled. Nevertheless, keep posted for more news and updates.

Blackview BV5000 Smartphone
About blackview bv5000
Seriously, it is hard to define what kind of phone bv5000 is as it comes with 64-bit MT6735 Quad-core processor, golden ratio 5-inch HD display screen, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, 2MP+8MP camera and 4G LTE for smartphone that we normally used.

Meanwhile, when playing a role as an outdoor device, it is fairly qualified with the help of large enough 5000mAh battery with reverse charging technology, ultra-tough coverage and tempered plastic bumpers, dustproof and waterproof design, looking pretty decent on paper although IPxx index is still unconfirmed.

Taken as a whole, as a rare outdoor smartphone from the market this year, blackview bv5000 is quite a nice choice, particularly for outdoor enthusiasts, combined with $30 discount above, it is now the right timing to make a purchase.

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