3 Enjoyable Things You Can Do With DOOGEE DG550

Before getting familiar with DOOGEE DG550, I deem that most of you will be impressed and stunned by glancing at the parameter chart only. However, what is the significance behind all the numbers? An experience will tell the best.
DOOGEE DAGGER DG550 5.5-inch WCDMA 850/2100MHz Octa-core Smartphone
Among any others, a true 1.7GHz Octa-core processor derive from DOOGEE DG550e Smartphone is highly-anticipated. Basically, if four-core an assignment finished by four people, then eight-core is exactly the same task finished by eight people. When surfing Internet, updating social network application or running heavy assignments, you can experience a two times faster processing pace and competence compare to four-core smartphone. A faster, smoother and stabler experience is a feast of speed.
DOOGEE DAGGER DG550e 5.5-inch WCDMA 900/2100MHz Octa-core Smartphone
Besides, an ultra large 5.5-inch screen of DOOGEE DG550 Smartphone will be the center of all attention naturally, however, an improved resolution up to 1280*720 pixels is kernel in my kind of view. It not only remedy legibility shortage caused by large dimension but also enhanced luminance aiming at first class displaying. No matter you are scanning pages, taking pictures or watching videos, a comfortable and radiation-less displaying will always be the most enjoyable things you can experience all the time.
DOOGEE DAGGER DG550 5.5-inch WCDMA 850/2100MHz Octa-core Smartphone
Moreover, exactly as the requirement for faster network environment never end, a stable 3G data transmission and hands-free calling is the soul of upper user experience from DOOGEE DG550e. When updating Facebook, an unprecedent fast and stable networking will make you hard to extricate. When playing online games, no traffic jam will bother a smooth and excited entertainment. When downloading large files, any assignments can be done in thunder speed. It is not exaggeration to say it fast performance defines winner.

Overall, despite of how comprehensive, how terrific DOOGEE DG550is, an surprisingly fast process performance, upgraded displaying and unbelievable 3G network environment are the key to enjoyment. Is there anything more important and enjoyable than this?

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