$24.99 For QCY QY5 Earphone Can’t Be More Cost-effective

Sounds crazy! $24.99 for a earphone makes no sense to most of you as earphone around $10 has been overflown the market, but for a real “Music-head”, QCY QY5 Earphone is just right for them!
 QCY QY5 Bluetooth Earphone
Ergonomic design
Authentic music enthusiastic thinks highly of comfortability, the spot which QCY QY5 In-ear Earphone good at coincidentally. Alongside in-ear earmuff that made of soft silica, a small “antenna” helps keeping your ear comfortable even wearing for long time.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, wireless overall design is not so much portable as convenient to put the earphone on without being restricted by limited and short cable, your hands will be free to what you want. Surely it is just right for the part.

Premium structure
We don’t have enough time to make a list of all these sophisticated components of QCY QY5 Bluetooth Earphone, all we know is, it adopts England CSR4.1 with APT-X decoding technology, mic from US, antenna from Japan, CVC6.0 noise reduction, 360 degree stereo sound, 80MHz CPU, 20% expand diaphragm effect, 85mAh battery, unparalleled tune design and most important 15.6grams weight.
 QCY QY5 Bluetooth Earphone
Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 version, you will find QY5 fully compatible with mainstreamed smartphone and other tablets. Better still, built-in battery has been upgraded from 70 to 85mAh battery, giving standby time up to 175 hours, while music time up to dozen of hours.

Perhaps $24.99 retail price genuinely is a barricade giving a go but for real music enthusiast, nothing can stop music from happening.

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